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"Storytelling has earned throughout times, a place within population as one of the most important traditions we have. It brings magic and a sense of wonder in the world and brings together different generations, from kids to adults. Storytelling fulfils the need of society to communicate and to create role models to follow, having an important effect on our daily lives." (Carpenter, 2013). It is a new creative platform that promotes writing and reading boosting teamwork and creativity. Vicobook offers the opportunity to produce original content through a co-creation experience: via this platform users can create, altogether with other users, narrative texts such as novels, tales, theatre scripts, poetry, etc. It is an innovative digital platform that brings to society a new and interactive way to co-create literature, involving audiences in its own production of content.

Our mission

Vicobook is a cultural project that aims to bring education to everyone making it accessible all around the glove. Moreover, our goal is to explore the concept of co-creation as a new working methodology used to bring value to society.

Our values

Culture, inclusivity, teamwork, creativity and adaptability.

Why Vicobook?

Studies show that while the amount of time spent on reading books and creative wiring is decreasing, the amount of time spent on social media is increasing, and not just amongst the youngest generations but also in adults. The loss of reading and writing habits amongst society affects our creative potential, the way we structure ideas, our critical thinking, our cognitive skills, how we process information and the way we communicate with others. On the contrary, reading on a regular basis has been proven to “expand horizons, improve our comprehensive skills and capacity to understand complex thoughts and arguments developed in long and dense texts; develop our cognitive abilities, etc, at the same time it provides entertainment, amusement and distraction” Joshua Rothman, 2015. Furthermore, people who write on a regular basis have been proven to be more aware of their reality, to learn faster, to be more productive, to be less stressed, to communicate clearly (a clear writing is a sign of clear thinking), to take better decisions, to be happier, to live more focused, to overcome tough moments faster, and to have a lot of written memories (Francisco Sáez, 2019).


Vicobook encourages people to read and write in an entertaining manner, changing the way literature is perceived by many individuals. The co-creation of texts allows people to share opinions and points of views, creating more imaginative and original stories. It is a potential incentive and motivational tool since users have the chance to become a fictional character during a certain period, having the power to change and shape any story.

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